How do I know if I have hearing loss?


This is a question we are asked everyday at the West Tennessee Hearing Aid Center in Jackson.  Of course the only way to be sure there is a loss of hearing is to have a Complete Hearing Evaluation.  Before making an appointment for a hearing evaluation you should review the Ten Warning Signs of a hearing loss below:
Ten Warning Signs of Hearing Loss
1. People seem to mumble more frequently.
2. You experience ringing in your ears.
3. You often ask people to repeat themselves.
4. Your family complains that you play the radio or TV too loud.
5. You no longer hear normal household sounds, such as the dripping of a faucet or the
     ringing of the doorbell.
6. You have difficulty understanding conversation when in a large group or crowd.
7. You hear, but have trouble understanding all the words in a conversation.
8. You find telephone conversations increasingly difficult.
9. You have trouble hearing when your back is turned to the speaker.
10. You have been told you speak too loudly.
At the West Tennessee Hearing Aid Center our mission is to provide the most accurate hearing health care using the highest technology in hearing aids manufactured and the most up to date testing equipment. Our staff will perform a complete hearing evaluation consisting of a thorough case history, a video otoscopy of the outer ear, an audiometric hearing test, and provide a complete and professional explanation of the results.
We understand that the “understanding of speech” is the most common problem caused by a hearing loss. Many times people can “hear but not understand” and our office is focused on increasing the understanding of speech in order to improve the quality of life of our clients.
Your hearing health is our only concern and while hearing aids are what we sell, along with the sale comes a wide variety of services that help our clients enjoy a fuller clarity of life. Contact us for a list of services we provide to our clients and to those that we hope will become our clients. All of our hearing aids come with a 30 day trial to ensure complete satisfaction.
Call for an appointment to receive your no-charge complete hearing evaluation with us. We look forward to meeting you.
Randy Williams, BC-HIS          
Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist
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Hearing test is an audiometric test to determine proper amplification needs only. These are not medical exams or diagnoses nor are they intended to replace a physician’s care. If you suspect a medical problem, please seek treatment from your doctor. Hearing aids do not restore natural hearing. Individual experiences vary depending on severity of hearing loss, accuracy of evaluation, proper fit and ability to adapt to amplification.