Hearing Aid fitting is very important to the success with your new hearing aids.

When the testing, selection, and ordering or manufacturing, are complete, it’s time to work with you the most important part. It is vital that our specialist check that your new hearing aids are physically comfortable and show you their features and how to care for them.

Every person is different; whether you’re a first-time wearer or a long-time veteran of amplification, we pride ourselves in patient satisfaction. We find the most satisfied patient is usually the most informed patient. There will be a lot of new information and it is always a wise decision to bring a family member or a trusted friend to your fitting. We welcome anyone you wish to bring and will be glad to teach them any part of your hearing aid care they may need to know.

In the beginning, your new hearing aids will be programmed based on the results of your hearing test. We will then schedule a follow up visit so that we can fine tune your hearing instruments and make any adjustments based on your experience with them. We want you to get the maximum benefit from your hearing aids and small adjustments can make a big difference.

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