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Even simple conversations can be very tiring for people with hearing loss. Following a discussion with several participants requires intense effort. Active communication is difficult, which can quickly lead to isolation. Hearing loss can have many causes, but in most cases, hearing loss can be addressed successfully.

Between “hearing well” and “hearing nothing” lies a wide range of different types of hearing loss. Experts distinguish between mild, moderate, severe and profound hearing loss. Most cases of hearing loss are categorized as mild or moderate.

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Mild hearing loss

Soft noises are not heard. Understanding speech is difficult in a loud environment.

Moderate hearing loss

Soft and moderately loud noises are not heard. Understanding speech becomes very difficult if background noise is present.

Severe hearing loss

Conversations have to be conducted loudly. Group conversations are possible only with a lot of effort.

Profound hearing loss

Some very loud noises are heard. Without a hearing aid, communication is no longer possible even with intense effort.

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